We are a clothing brand but also help manufacture other brands clothing and help them bring their visions to life!

Why You should manufacture in LA with Attachments Atelier to start a high fashion clothing label:

Minimums are low, most factories have a minimum order of 50-100 pieces per order.

We offer a 5 unit minimum.

The more units the lower the price.

All fabrics, hardware, and embellishments are sourced in LA for highest quality materials.

All garments are cut, sewn, and fully detailed from scratch in Los Angeles by our highly experienced atelier team.

We ensure quality sewing techniques and use top of the line machinery.

We do not out source any of our products to maintain US quality.

We believe in ethical manufacturing and employees working on livable wages.

We believe in respectful treatment and conditions for our atelier team.

We pay our workers labor accordingly, this is respected in the fashion industry but over looked at in society.

You save on shipping and importing fees.

Customs and tariff fees keep increasing.

Delays are also something to keep in mind when working outside of the US.

We ensure a quick turn around time according to unit amount.

No fast fashion, No Underpayment. High Quality Garments, No Minimums, Quick Turn Around Time - Attachments Atelier

Attachments Atelier Steps:

1. Confirm final design.

2. Desired number of units.

3. Total Invoice will be given to customer. Material Invoice & Labor Invoice are separate.

4. Materials Invoice must be paid in full before job begins.

5. 50% of Labor invoice must be paid before job begins. This is how we pay our team to begin your project.

6. Time Frame for job finish will be given to customer.

7. Create pattern from scratch.

8. Source fabrics and Hardware.

9. Sample of desired garment.

10. Begin production of units.

11. Finish cut and sew production.

12. Detailing and embellishments.


14. Final 50% of labor invoice will be paid by customer.

15. Garments will be packaged and shipped to customer.

16. Customer is ready to promote and sell product.